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With our fully qualified teams of pool fitters, we are able to undertake every aspect of your pool installation, from the excavation and soil removal, right through to the electrical work and commissioning. Our teams are qualified to make your installation as quick and trouble-free as possible.

As a guide, the average pool takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to install.

Stages of Pool Installation and Construction

Stage 1
We carefully mark out the contours of the swimming pool and excavate the soil to the prescribed depth. The use of an excavating machine is favoured so we would need suitable access to the site

Stage 2
We then assemble the straight or undulating sections by the means of the double bolt fixing.stage2

Stage 3
With supports to be screwed into pre-drilled holes of the pool wall, we stabilise the side-walls and obtain their perfect vertical position. The supports are then anchored into the bottom and become invisible after covering the pool border.stage3

Stage 4
The pool bottom consists of a concrete and sand screed about 5cm thick, which is protected by a cover. We spread the screed out over the surface, either on the soil or on a layer of fine rubble.stage4

Stage 5
We then fix the liner on the top of the pools walls. Small differences in the pool bottom will be compensated with this system, so the liner flattens out, being pressed onto the pool wall by the pressure as soon as the pool is filled.stage5

Stage 6
Having installed the water circulation system and flattened out the liner around the pool we can move to the final phase, laying the coping stones on the side wall. The swimming pool is now ready to be used.stage6

Stage 7
Creating a space around the pool can be achieved with the option of many materials, natural stone, cobblestones or wood flooring.stage7